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Factory Location
Wenzhou Ulterior Electric Co., Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of low voltage electrical products and materials in China. Our factory is located in North Baixiang Industrial Zone, Wenzhou city. The location is very close to both Wenzhou Airport as well as Wenzhou Port, making ideally convenient to access all means of transport weather land, air or by sea.
In order to keep our reliability with customers and distinguished achievement in the market during the past decade, we are dedicated to maintain our position by insisting on “quality first”, “customer priority” and “friendly service” principles.
In prospect of 21st century, we believe in hard work and welcome friendly cooperation from customers that boosts us to put all energies to achieve our goals. Looking for a bright future on the horizons of technology and wishing our customers best of luck!
Main Products
Our major products include series of MCCBs (molded case circuit breakers), ELCBs (earth leakage circuit breakers), contactors, relays, wall switches as well as other 100 series of electrical goods with 1000 different specifications. Due to our high quality, reputition, and strong reliability by customers, our products are being exported to Europe, South America, Middle East, Russia and several Asian countries. We are keenly dedicated to extend our business throughout Chinese as well as overseas market. We warmly welcome customers with OEM.China Circuit Breaker Switch manufacturers
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