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Our History
2005Y-Kingdrilling Machinery Co. , Ltd is established, professional in down the hole tools research, design, production,sales.
2011Y-Kingdrilling Precision forging co., LTD is established, professional produce the coal picks and also matched with kingdrilling machinery co ltd, all the procession can be done well in the plant.
2016Y-Kingdrilling diamond Co.,Ltd is established, professional in import & export down the hole bit.
Our Factory
Kingdrilling diamond CO., LTD, located in Wuhan East Lake High-tech Development Zone, is one of the most important manufacturers specialized in researching and producing Casing drilling system, DTH hammer, DTH bit, thread DTH bits, taper DTH bits, coupling sleeve, Anchor, Shank adapter, coal picks and so on. Relying on the university resources and talent advantages in Optical Valley region, combining with multiple laboratories in universities, we focused on developing the newest products system.
Our Product
Wuhan Kingdrilling Diamond CO., LTD is one of the most professional manufacturer in DTH tools for water well drilling,geothermal drilling,mining drilling,bore hole drilling and so on.The main products include casing drilling system, DTH hammer,DTH drill bits, Button Bits, Thread Bits, taper Bits, Tricone bit, Road Milling Tools, Coal Picks,Drill Pipes, Chisel Bits, Cross Bits etc. Customization is also acceptable to meet your requirements.
Product Application
Whatever in construction, mining, oil, natural gas, quarry or horizontal drilling industry. KINGDRILLING always do their best to meet your demands. Our commitment gives customers the peace of mind, and we will always be in this line to serve our customers the most reliable products and the best support.
Production Equipment
Our factory produce DTH tools with advanced technology from Britain, a completed manufacturing system has been formed in plant. The company is equipped with advanced production facilities including electron-hydraulic forging hammer, multipurpose furnace heat treatment production line, high performance imported numerical control machines, all processes from raw materials prepared, heat treatment, metal processing are completed in the factory. Strict quality control standards make sure stable quality.
Production Market
After years efforts and development done, we have grown to be a leading supplier of down the hole drilling tools in China and our products had been sold into USA, Russian, Ukraine,and so on. Meanwhile, Recognition and praise are gained from a growing number of clients.
Our service
Customization is also acceptable to meet your requirements. We will always be in this line to serve our customers the most reliable products and the best support. During six-month warranty of our DTH drill bit products, if there is body broken, head broken, teeth broken in early and other abnormal scrapping phenomenon, after verification by our quality department, the case is true, we will compensate.U Coal Mine Teeth price

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