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Пожалуйста помогите это срочно даю 80 балловimage

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People should make the world better. If it is possible, then what are the ways? Now I am going to express my own opinion on this matter.
Nowadays people are talking more and more about being a good global citizen. What does it mean? Global citizens are supposed to be those ones who care about the world and understand their role in it. First, it is important to develop a higher level of education because it will help to get on with each other better. People will understand different cultures and traditions. Secondly, we should take care of the nature. We mustn’t leave trash outdoors and we must protect animals. Thirdly, it will be good if you take part in political life of your country. Your state is the part of the world and its development matters, too.
To sum up I want to say that we should be more active and sociable in general to make our world a good place to live in

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