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Choose the correct answer.
1. Frankly, I'd rather you ______ anything about it for the time being.
a) do b) don't do c) didn't do d) will not do
2. The idea is that the nation ______ an unmanned spacecraft to explore the planet first.
a) sent b) sends c) send d) must send
3. The business is risky. But ______ we would be rich.
a) should we succeed b) we should succeed c) might we succeed
4. I'd just as soon _________ rudely to her.
a) that you won't speak b) your not speaking c) you not speak d) you didn't speak
5. We prefer that the plan ______ before being into execution.
a) must be fully discussed b) will be fully discussed
6. "If I hadn't practiced when I was younger", the musician says, "I ______ able to play so well now".
a) wouldn't be b) wouldn't have been
7. It is required that the machine _______ as frequently as necessary.
a) be oiled b) must be oiled
8. _______, we could not have finished the work on time.
a) was it not for their help b) should they offer to help us c) but for their help
9. There is a general understanding among the members of the Board of Directors that chief attention ______ to the undertaking that is expected to bring in highest profit.
a) is given b) should be given c) must be given
10. One of the requirements for a fire is that the material ______ to its burning temperature.
a) would be heated b) is heated

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