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2. Active or passive?

1. Much attention is devoted /devotes to the development of this science.
2. The architect was built / built many beautiful bridges in town.
3. They study/are studied the properties of this material.
4. He influenced / was influenced by his friends.
5. He reconstructed/was reconstructed an old church in our town.
6. He was caught/caught by police yesterday.
7. The manager gave/was given an interesting work by the President.
8. A beautiful cathedral built/was built in our town in the 11 century.
8. Canals link/are linked many rivers in Great Britain.
9. The book consists/is consisted of 4 parts.
10. William the Conqueror defeated/was defeated King of England and built/was built an abbey near the place of battle.
11. The first Olympic games held/were held in Greece in 777 B.C.
12. At the station they will meet/be met by a man from the travel bureau.
13. She will meet/be met them in the hall upstairs.
14. The porter will bring/be brought your luggage to your room.
15. Your luggage will bring/ be brought up in the lift.
16. Her idea took / was taken for granted.
17.The wind has broken / has been broken their glass door.
18.Italian speaks / is spoken in Switzerland.
19. His book is reading / is being read at the moment in the high society circles.
20.Da Vinci had painted / had been painted Mona Lisa before some of his other famous paintings.
21. Anna Karenina was writing / was written by Tolstoy.
22. The prize will give / will be given to her by the president.23. We are going to leave / be left alone by our teachers if we change our attitude.
24. Why can’t you tell / be told me the truth?
25. Their brother has employed / has been employed for six years.
26. He gave / was given a present to her.
27. She gave / was given this present for her wedding anniversary.
28. My bike runs / is run very fast.
29. He knocked down / was knocked down by a bike yesterday.
30. Her house ruined / was ruined in the fire.
31. I don't know anything about building. I will have built my house / will have my house built.
32. Although she is a professional cook, she has all her cakes made / makes all the cakes.
33. She is a hair-dresser, so she has had her new hair-style done / has done her new hair-style.
34. I didn't go to the post office. I had all the letters sent by my secretary / had sent all the letters.
35. Our son had his bike repaired / repaired his bike. We are so proud of him.

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1 is devoted

2 built

3 study

4 was influenced 

5 reconstructed 

6 was caught 

7 was given 

8 was built 

8 link 

9 consists 

10 defeated/built 

11 were held 

12 will be met 

13 will meet 

14 will bring 

15 will be brought up 

16 was taken 

17 has broken 

18 is spoken 

19 is being read 

20 had painted 

21 was written 

22 will be given 

23 to be left 

24 tell 

25 has been employed

26 gave 

27 was given 

28 runs 

29 was knocked 

30 was ruined 

31 will have my house built.

32 has all her cakes made

33 has done her new hair-style.

34 had all the letters sent 

35 repaired 

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Все верно сделано. давай пока

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