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Пожалуйста, знатоки английского, хелп! Завтра зачет по лексике, а я не могу текст составить((( Составьте, плиз текст на тему домашнее задание по плану:
how long it takes you to do your homework;
• what subject you usually start with, and why;
• whether schoolchildren should be given more or less homework, and why.
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I think that, homework it's important part of the concept of new topic on any subject.
Usually, I doing my homework about four or five hours. Because where I must learn, where something write.
I usually start doing homework with more difficult subject, then to realize, that a little more easy subject and I'm free.
In my opinion, every schoolchild wants what would he asked less, because in addition to the lessons he wants more and take a walk, play or read.
School years are the most important period for everybody.


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The time the homework is performed is always different .It depents on several circumstances:such as difficulty of tasks or its quantity.The subject that i usually start with is Math.I do so because i believe that it is easier to start with hard subject and end with lighter one.About homework,indubitably,it is necessary, because of it we revise material and eliminate misunderstandings.But ,as it oftenly happens , quantity of homework is not always considers interests of pupils.They are forced to learn big poems by hard or to read 100-200 pages for a few days.Interest and after school activities are not considered, so children sometimes don`t have enough free time , they even do not have enough time to sleep.So ,as for me , there should be less homework , but if pupil want ,he can take more.But it is only my opinion

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