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1. What did J.K. Rowling study at university?[1]2. What was her life when she was married?[1]3. What town did J.K. Rowling prepare the first Harry Potter book?[1]4. How many publishers did she offer her book to?[1]5. What was the name of the publisher’s daughter?[1]6. How many books were written later?[1]Total [6]ReadingTask. Read the text carefully and answer the questions.HurricanesHave you ever been to a hurricane? Hurricanes are serious weather storms. They can do a lot of damage.But what is a hurricane? Another name for a hurricane isa tropical cyclone. A hurricane consists of thunderstorms, torrential rains, and waves with winds up to75 mph or higher. A hurricane is a tropical storm that starts out in the ocean and gathers speed and strength as it travels.When the winds inside these storms reach 39 mph, they are given names. An international committee developed the list of names. Hurricanes alternate back and forth between male and female names. Giving the hurricanes names makes it easier for meteorologists to identify and track certain storms. This makes it easier to announce hurricane warnings, as well.The best place to be during a hurricane is indoors and away fromwindows and doors. If the hurricane is very bad, you will probably be asked to evacuate and move to safer ground. It is important to keep a bag ready that contains fresh water, long-lasting food, first aid kit, flashlight, rain gear, and other items that would be useful if you had to leave your homefor a few days.Part 1. Choose the correct answer.Example: 0. According to the author the wavesto form a hurricane should be..A) less than 75 mphB) less than 39 mphC) up to 75 mph or higherD) up to 39 mph1. According to the author how fast does a tropical storm need to be moving in order to receive a name?A) 25 mphB) Over 39 mphC) 100 mphD) Over 76 mph [1]2. Where does the author write this informationto the question above?A) Second paragraphB) Third paragraphC) First paragraphD) None of the above[1]Part 2. Find some inconsistences in the statements. Mark these sentences Yes, No, Not Given.3. Fishermen all over the world know when hurricanes start. _ [1]4. Hurricanes usually start in the steppe. [1]5. The best place to hide from hurricane is indoors. [1]6. Humans’ names are not given to the hurricanes. [1]Total [6]WRITINGTask. Look at the films below. Choose one of them to write a review about. Use linking words and connectors in sentences to make some coherent paragraphs. You can use prompts for your answer.Write the name, actors, genreWrite about acting, music, colour/animation, special effectsWrite why you like this film or do not likeWrite the reason why you recommend the film or notTotal [6]SPEAKINGTask. You will be given a card which asks you to retell a short story about a particular situation. You should include your ideas while telling it. You will be given 1 minute to prepare your talk and then 1-2 minutes to speak. Your classmates prepare the questions to ask you on the topic.Learners take turns in retelling the stories from the cards.Card 1Romanian AvalancheIn 2003, a British politics student named Ken Jones took a holiday from his studies and traveled to Romania, where he wanted to scale Moldoveanu Peak. He almost made it to the summit when the earthshook and a pair of avalanches dumped tons of snow on top of him, trapping him helpless on the mountain. Hemanaged to walk ten miles through the freezing cold over the next three days to a remote Transylvanian village, where a local doctor saved his leg and his

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1Frech and the classic
1 Ice Age. Character: Mammath Many, Sloth Sit , Tiger, Squirell.
2 There are many special effects. This cartoon is very colorful and funny. There's very exciting music.
3 I really like this movie. Because there are a lot of characters in can be used to find out what animals used to be.
4 I recommend this cartoon. Because it is very interesting and funny

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