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Read the text. Are the statements true (A), false (B) or not given (C)?
Hi Louise
I hope all’s well with you and the children. It’s been a long winter and I think everyone’s waiting for the spring now. Are you going to plant lots of vegetables in the garden again this year? I’m thinking about tomatoes and zucchini as they’re both easy to grow.
I know I only wrote to you last week, but I just have to tell you about the school reunion I went to on Saturday. I think I told you that I got an invitation a couple of months ago. I left school twenty years ago and haven’t kept in touch with anyone from my class, so I was very surprised to get the invitation. First I decided not to go, but then I thought it might be quite fun to see how everyone is and how much people have changed. So I accepted and we all met up at a new Italian restaurant in town.
I was the second person to arrive and I must tell you I didn’t recognise the woman who welcomed me in! She was very attractive and slim. No wonder I didn’t know who she was because when we were at school she used to be quite fat and shy and she didn’t use to join in. So that was the first surprise and there were many more I can tell you!
My best friend at school was there (see attached photo) and it was really good to see her again. I don’t know why we lost touch, but it was good to catch up with her. I hope we’ll stay in contact now. Almost everyone is married or divorced with one or more children and it’s strange to think of us all as adults now.
After an hour or so of talking to everyone (and there were a lot of us there – about thirty I would say), we sat down for our meal and then of course we started talking about the old days at school and we remembered teachers we loved and hated and all the naughty things we did. I don’t know how our teachers coped with us because our class was quite bad!
At the end of the meal we all exchanged email addresses and promised to keep in touch and organise another reunion for next year. Perhaps we should invite some of the teachers to join us next time!
See you soon.
Amy xx

1 Amy’s last email to Louise was one week ago. A) True B) False C) Not Given
2 She easily recognised the first person she saw at the reunion. A) True B) False C) Not Given
3 She took some photos at the party. A) True B) False C) Not Given
4 A lot of people looked different. A) True B) False C) Not Given
5 She’d like to see her teachers again. A) True B) False C) Not Given

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2-not given
4-not given

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