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Выполнить тест пож срочно 1 не надо .S- 1 13 11
1. Translate into Russian
These books are sold everywhere.
The new film is being demonstrated in all the big cinemas in
The book has been recommended to us by our teacher.
Have you been asked about it?
He was warmly thanked for his help.
A new school was being built in the village when we arrived,
The football match will be watched by
ids of! people.
2. Make the sentences passive
We were playing ping-pong at this time on Sun. day.
Glinka composed the opera Ivan Susanin*
The teacher will correct my mistakes.
The director has just signed the letter.
They teach the children French and German.
6) They are building a new concert hall in our street,
7) We had planted all the trees by the middle of autumn.
3. Ask questions
The problems will have been
SoLV. ad.
by the evening. (by what time)
The story has been forgotten. (what)
Tom was given a book for his birthday. (what)
Flowers are watered regularly. (how often)
S) His new book had been published by September. (by what time)
4 Put the verbs into the correct form
1) Don't enter the room! A student (examine) here.
2) The news (publish) in the newspaper before they arrived home.
3) The work (finish) by the next month.
New magazines just (bring)
5) The exercises usually. (correct) by the teacher.

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1.Эти книги продают везде.
2.Новый фильм уже показывают во всех кинотеатрах.
3.Эту книгу рекомендовал нам наш учитель.
4.Ты спрашивал об этом?
5.Он был сердечно благодарен за помощь.
6.Новая школа строилась в деревне, в которую мы приехали.
7.Это футбольный матч посмотрят много людей.
Извини, остальное уже не успеваю сделать

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