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//. Выбери правильную форму глагола: 1. They ... their parents every week. a) visit b) visits c) shall visit 2. ... he ... school two years ago? a) Finishes b) Will ... finish c) Did ... finish 3.1 am ... to visit my friend in the evening. a) going b) go c) went 4. We ... a test now. a) write b) are writing c) wrote 5. ... you ever been to Moscow? a) was b) am c) have 6. He ….pictures on the wall yesterday а) draws b) drew c) will draw 7. Why …she always … silly questions? a)does ….ask b) is…..asking c) do……ask 8. Last summer they … abroad. They spent a week in Scotland. a) go b) went c) will go 9. Next week she …. to the Summer School. a) go b) will go c) went 10. They …… any help, do they? a) don’t need b) aren’t needing c) didn’t need 11. The boy …… his homework tomorrow. a) do b) are doing c) did d) will do ///. Закончите предложения: 1. She will play golf... . a) next weekend b) at this moment c) on Sundays 2. Mark doesn't like coffee, ... ? a) doesn't he b) does he c) isn't he 3. We enjoyed the weather .... a) already b) in a minute c) yesterday 4. The film was boring, ... ? a) didn't it b) was he? c) wasn't it? 5. - Have you ever visited our art gallery? - Yes, I ... . a) does b) have c) did IV. Выбери правильный вариант: 1. My friend's room а) комната друзей b) комната моего друга с) комната моих друзей 2. Самый популярный фильм a) the most popular film b) the popular film c) the worst film 3. What is the ... mountain in our country? a) highest b) higher c) more high 4. Two heads are ... than one. a) better b) best c) good 5. Хобби его брата a) Brother's hobby b) His brother's hobby c) The hobbies of the brothers V. Допиши вопрос: 1. Jerry isn't a sportsman,_________________? 2. The apple is tastier than the banana,________________? 3. Your friends can't come on Sunday, _______________? 4. Her friends have got an interesting game, _____________? 5. Your sister hasn't got a guinea-pig,_________________? 6. We can go, _____________? 7. We can't go now, ______________? 8. Your grandfather was a worker,_____________? 9. Mr Brown doesn't work here,_______________? 10. His aunt spends her holidays in the country,___________? VI. Прочитай текст и выполни задания к нему: TEXT New words: nothing - ничего, a carrot - морковь, to pull out - вытягивать It was winter. The White Rabbit had nothing to eat. He opened the door of the house. How cold it was. Everything was white with snow. " I must get something to eat", said the White Rabbit to himself. He ran to the field to get some food. He saw two carrots in the field. The White Rabbit was very happy. He pulled out the carrots and ate one of them. He thought: " It is winter and the Donkey, my friend, has nothing to eat. I must take this carrot to him". I. Подбери заголовок к тексту: 1.A cold day 2.A good friend 3.The field //. Верно(+) или неверно(-): 1.It was summer. 2.It was cold. 3.The White Rabbit went to the forest. 4.He found nothing in the field. 5.He wanted to give one carrot to his friend. 6.The White Rabbit has two friends. 7.Donkey had a lot of food.

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дальше сам


последнее задание, про заголовок-2 ответ good friend


последнее тоже. 1-неверно 2-верно 3-не верно 4-неверно 5-верно 6-неверно 7-неверно

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